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Happy Family


We know that when you insure an automobile with us, it's more about protecting and providing for your daughter, than being able to simply replace the car in the event of an unfortunate accident. In much the same way, whether insuring a family home or a second home at the beach, we understand that we are protecting the way of life you are building for yourself and your family, not just the trappings that come along with success and hard work. 

At Standard, we make choosing insurance coverage easy and uncomplicated for you. 

We do all the comparisons for you and give you our final recommendation. It saves you time and money. Because we are an independent agency, we are looking out for you, our customer, and your best interests, not the profit margin of ony single insurance company. And once your coverage is in place, we'll continue to review your policy every six months to be certain that as your life changes, your policy reflects those changes.  

Cozy Office


  • Homeowners

  • Life

  • Flood

  • Disability

  • Auto

  • Boats / Yachts

  • Motorcycles / ATVs

  • Aviation

  • Personal Articles (Jewelry, Fine Art, Guns, Golf Clubs, Antiques, Silver)

  • Umbrella Liability

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