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You should try to reach your agent first, but if for some reason you cannot reach us in an emergency, or the emergency occurs after hours, we have a list of toll-free numbers for our carriers. And just in case, our President's number is below, and he will do all he can to assist you. 


J. Buckley Strandberg

President / CEO 

Standard Insurance 

Mobile: 252.450.9396

What Should You Do In The Event Of An Auto Accident?

This information, prepared by the Independent Insurance Agents of America, contains helpful tips so you know what to do if you are involved in one of these unfortunate incidents.

I.C.E.  In Case Of Emergency

Put your own personal "In Case of Emergency" listing on your cell phone. You can spell it out or simply put "ICE". Then if you're ever in an accident, the emergency medical personnel can obtain your "ICE" contact information from your cell phone. Good idea! 

Commercial Policy - 800-699-6240

Auto Owners
Personal and Commercial - 1-888-252-4626

​Bankers Insurance Group
Commercial Policy - 1-800-765-9700

Berkshire Hathaway
Commercial Policy - 1-800-661-6029

Builders Mutual 
Commercial Policy - 800-809-4862

Personal and Commercial - 800-252-4670

Personal Policy - 877-242-2544
Commercial Policy - 877-588-4527 
(Glass Claims)

Commercial Policy - 800-266-3224

FFVA Mutual
Commercial Policy - 800-266-0666
Fax - 321-214-0235

Commercial Policy - 800-362-7535

Personal - 1-800-527-3907
Personal Auto - 1-800-274-7865
Commercial - 1-800-435-7764
Commercial Work Comp - 1-866-967-5256

Personal Policy - 866-673-0623


GMAC Insurance
Personal Policy - 1-800-325-1088

Personal Policy - 855-415-7120

Commercial Policy - 800-869-3999

Johnson & Johnson
Commercial Policy - 800-487-7565

Personal Policy - 800-854-6011

NC Insurance Underwriting Association

NC Joint Underwriting Association

Penn Millers Mutual
Commercial Policy - 1-800-233-8347

Penn National
​Windshield Claim - 1-800-330-3038
Work Comp - 1-800-374-4990
All Other - 1-800-766-2245

Commercial Policy - 800-765-9749

Personal Policy - 800-274-4499

Commercial Policy - 888-762-3083

Commercial Policy - 1-866-494-1610

Personal Policy - 800-252-4633
Commercial Policy - 800-238-6225

Commercial Policy - 1-800-987-3373

We are a United States company. We are licensed to sell Business Insurance in the following states: NC, SC, VA, GA, FL, PA, IN, MD
We are licensed to sell Personal Insurance in the following states: NC, SC, VA 
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